ALBUM REVIEW: Mimicking Birds wow with consistency on Layers of Us

Mimicking Birds, Layers of Us

Mimicking Birds have a sound that covers all sorts of genres, ranging from anywhere between stripped down serenades to subtle synth soundscapes. Through these elements, the Portland folk-pop quintet creates something that works for both the coffee shop next door and a movie soundtrack.

Layers of Us
Mimicking Birds
Jan. 26

In 2014, Mimicking Birds released debut album Eons and proved to the music world that it was an interesting and formidable contender to wrestle with. Through simple strums of a guitar, eloquently woven with singer Nate Lacy’s velvety rasp, the band showed a phenomenal ability to form a beautifully crafted story, both lyrically and sonically. Lacy’s vocals also created an angelic, yet haunting atmosphere comparable to the likes of Bon Iver and James Vincent McMorrow.

Layers of Us, the latest album from Mimicking Birds, continues to impress with gorgeous artistry. The recurring hazy tones presented in the group’s previous work have since been more developed, presenting the band’s clear musical evolution throughout the years. Songs like “A Part” and “Lumens” send listeners straight into a state of nostalgia. With a blend of narratives that hit close to home and spiked pitches, both tracks can soothe the soul with its unadulterated sentiment.

Then, there’s the heart-wrenching power-ballad, “Belongings.” Through tender tones that build into the dreamiest thrill, this track hones in the group’s signature elements. Consequently, “Belongings” quite possibly frames the impact of the entire album, which is to surge listeners with celestial sensations and good gumption.

While Mimicking Birds show consistency in their songwriting, the band also isn’t afraid to go beyond its usual sound. Take faster-paced tunes like “Another Time” and “Sunlight Daze.” In these slaps, the band takes on quicker vocal stylings and even more methodical drumming. The quintet does not shy away from infectiously danceable tunage and, as demonstrated by the tracks’ grooviness, the risk-taking pays off.

Although the soft rock vibe might not be for everyone, there is something to be gleaned from the band’s consistently solid output. Mimicking Birds constantly paint a cohesive picture, whether through story structure or authentic riffs of originality, all while remaining true to its core sound. The group only adds backbone to its brand through the eclectic but still genuinely authentic music-making. An impressive and refreshing feat, Mimicking Birds have not allowed itself to be molded by way of many other bands in today’s music scene. Instead, the rockers continue to develop the sticky sweet sound that they do best, while also giving listeners a new opportunity to put on their dancing shoes at the next show.  

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  1. Andrew Sawyer

    Eons was their sophomore release. The eponymous album, Mimicking Birds, was their first release which came out in 2010

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