CORRECTION: Jeff Rosenstock addresses sexual assault at concerts during 20th Street Block Party performance

CORRECTION: Jeff Rosenstock has clarified that his statement were general in nature and that the event he was speaking out against did, in fact, not happen, at 20th Street Block Party. This article has been changed to reflect this.

SAN FRANCISCO — In the middle of his set at the 20th Street Block Party concert Saturday afternoon, rocker Jeff Rosenstock stopped his band’s performance to address the issue of sexual assault at concerts.

“It’s warm and everyone’s having fun, but sometimes there’s a jerk who ruins it for everyone,” said Rosenstock, who seemingly ordered an offender to leave and not watch his performance anymore. Rosenstock then asked fans to watch out for and protect each other whenever something like that happens, and always be thoughtful to answer each others’ call for help.

We caught up with Rosenstock after his set, and he spoke some more about his comments. Lamont Harper, spokesman for Noise Pop, which produces the 20th Street Block Party each year, echoed Rosenstock’s comments.

“We agree; don’t touch touch people. Respect space,” Harper said when reached by phone.

Several thousand people attended the Mission neighborhood concert and street fair to see free music, shop and eat.

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