Photos: Låpsley brings the soul to the Regency Ballroom

Låpsley, Lapsley, Holly Lapsley Fletcher

Photos: Ian Young

SAN FRANCISCO — Holly Lapsley Fletcher loves this city. Her show at The Regency Ballroom on Tuesday night marked the third time the British singer-songwriter has visited the city this year. This particular show marked the penultimate night of her current U.S. tour, which she also said would be her last to support her debut album, Long Way Home.

Using two microphones, one that digitally deepened her voice, the artist who goes by Låpsley performed the majority of the debut LP, with songs that ranged from soulful and down-tempo to upbeat and decidedly poppier. Every track in her songbook showed off her soulful, warmly-tinged voice that provided an interesting counterpoint to the digital beats created by her backing band.

This might have been the last time Lapsley set foot in San Francisco for awhile, but chances are good she’ll be back.

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