Feathers’ Anastasia Dimou on a childhood spent riding donkeys in Greece

Feathers, Anastasia Dimou

I don’t write about opening bands often, but I got tired of waiting for Austin-based electronic dance rockers Feathers to play a headlining show in the Bay Area. Feathers open for Blouse and Social Studies Sept. 21 at Bottom of the Hill, and I spoke to frontwoman Anastasia Dimou yesterday. Read the story here. In the meantime, here’s a couple of things that stood out, but I couldn’t find a place for in the story.

Why did you move to Austin and quit your previous band (Cruel Black Dove)?
New York is great for when you have a record done; for getting the record out, because it’s very social and you can get the word out. It’s hard to make music there because there’s so many distractions. The main reason for me was change. It’s funny, in all the stories that I see, it latches onto the fact that I left New York, and it kind of makes me feel like I’m bagging on New York. I love New York, and I’m from New York. It’s just a matter of leaving what you’re familiar with … and having a place where you can really focus.

You spent part of your childhood living in Greece because your father’s side of the family lives there. What was that time like for you, and at what point did you did you get into music?
It was really amazing for me. I would be put on a plane at, like, 10 years old, by myself, to visit my family for a full summer – the last day of school until we went back to school – in a small, small village in Greece that only had, like, two telephones. It was really eye-opening, and I spent my summers in that old-world village as opposed to playing video games or playing with Brat dolls or something. I would be riding donkeys, or whatever. It expanded my universe. I listened to a lot of Greek music. It was a whole untapped world for me. Not that Greek music has totally influenced Feathers. It’s definitely something I wish I could foray into somehow.


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