REVIEW: New Politics start a feel-good movement at The Fillmore

New Politics

Photos: Chloe Catajan

SAN FRANCISCO — A steady drumbeat rolled in, and suddenly, it seemed as if everyone at The Fillmore was floating. New Politics kicked off its set Wednesday night with “Istanbul,” a hearty song off 2017 release Lost in Translation.

“Live everyday as if it’s the last night,” urged the song’s chorus. As the crowd echoed the words, hands raised and clapping along, New Politics’ advice proved well-received.

Midway through its “Lost in Translation” tour, the Danish and New York band’s energy levels were at peak strength. While frontman David Boyd traded off vocals with guitarist Soren Hansen, the two would also alternate spinning, moonwalking, breakdancing and flipping across the open floor. There was never a lull onstage, not even between songs.

New Politics, Louis Vecchio

Louis Vecchio of New Politics performs at The Fillmore in San Francisco on Mar. 8, 2018.

“Show some love for the drummer, the backbone. Your very own American from New York!” Boyd teased as he introduced bandmate Louis Vecchio.

The rest of New Politics’ set comprised an even mix of old and new songs. Boyd, a new father, dedicated the sentimental “Color Green” to his daughter. The band also threw in “Dignity,” off 2010’s self-titled record, which was a deviation from its usual setlist.

Other fan favorites included “Tonight You’re Perfect” and “Harlem,” both of which had the floor shaking from fans jumping along incessantly.

DREAMERS took the stage beforehand, playing a set full of high-voltage garage rock. All ears and full of screams, the audience got into the groove straight away with dreamy opening track “Wolves (You Got Me).” However, the New York rockers were a little too good at cranking up the volume, as the venue’s sound would cut out every now and then. Despite technical difficulties, DREAMERS continued to rock out with untouchable energy.

Between the stage spins and intense shredding, guitarist-vocalist Nick Wold introduced some songs off the group’s upcoming second LP. One track was inspired by a documentary on survivors who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. Wold said he was moved by the revelation felt by survivors the moment they stepped off the ledge.


DREAMERS perform at The Fillmore in San Francisco on Mar. 8, 2018.

“For anyone who’s ever felt like they’re falling, [this song’s] called ‘Bleed Through,’” Wold said.

DREAMERS also covered “Zombie” by The Cranberries, which the band led into with a sound clip of the late Dolores O’Riordan speaking. The group then closed its set with upbeat bops “DRUGS,” “Painkiller” and “Sweet Disaster.”

The Wrecks got the show rolling with amped up alt-rock. On top of the Los Angeles group’s wall-shaking sound, each member carried palpable energy. Vocalist-guitarist Nick Anderson showed total control of the stage, with mic swings and smooth footwork. But as a whole, the group had an infectious synergy that had the front row rocking out in full force.

“We’re a band called The Wrecks; like a trainwreck,” Anderson joked as he introduced the band. The group went on to play fan favorites “Way With Words” and “Favorite Liar.”

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