Album Review: Deb Talan of The Weepies reclaims her identity on Lucky Girl

Deb Talan, Lucky Girl, The Weepies

From working with musical partner and husband Steve Tannen, to raising three children, to beating Stage 3 breast cancer, Deb Talan gives herself time to reflect and rebuild on solo album “Lucky Girl.”

Lucky Girl
Deb Talan
May 12

The best way for a musician to overcome an obstacle is through music. After a stressful, yet empowering time in her life, Talan used her passion for music to reclaim herself both professionally and personally. Recorded at The Weepies’ home studio in Iowa City, the 13-track album represents the true essence of Deb Talan as a mother, wife and musician.

The opening track, “Bring Water,” distinctly introduces Talan’s signature voice, similar to that of Tegan and Sara. While the remaining tracks on Lucky Girl are generally slower and more contemplative, “Bring Water” is upbeat, emphasizing Talan’s pop flare. As she sings, “Something’s on fire/ Bring water/ That must be my heart,” the urgency in her voice is precise and direct. The mystery and immediate need for help sets the tone of a personal battle for the remainder of the album.

“Butterfly” is an uplifting, cheerful following track. The butterfly here is a metaphor for Talan herself, free-spirited and fearless. The softness in her voice and subtle drums are reminiscent of a classic Weepies track.  Other songs like “Growing Up” highlight Talan’s role as a mother. The fast-paced, repetitive acoustic guitar stands in for the parent-child relationship overtime.

Looking at the ups and downs of marriage, motherhood and personal obstacles, Talan reflects on the appreciation of it all. Just as a mother must have patience with her children, Talan emphasizes detail and cohesiveness, playing every instrument recorded herself. “Lucky Girl” is Talan’s personal journey toward self reflection, but is a universal ode to the gratitude for everyday life.

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