Quick Takes: Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard makes dance music from his heart with Electric Lines

Electric Lines Cover

Joe Goddard created a solo album to express everything he couldn’t with Hot Chip. Every emotion, every risk and every last drop of musical talent in Goddard’s bones has been poured into this album and the finished product is nothing short of incredible.

With Electric Lines, Goddard creates a diverse and colorful array of music that will excite electronic dance fans, as well as fans of any genre. Goddard has said he wanted to make an album with all of his heart and soul. He succeeded. “It’s the perspective of a Londoner who’s grown up with club culture and had a very varied musical life in the city.

On the opening track, “Ordinary Madness,” electronic beats  and claps while a high-pitched synthesizer weaves in and out. The synthesizer produces a relaxing tune. A keyboard simultaneously bounces along to the rhythm. Jess Mills graces this song with soft and silky vocals, providing an additional layer to an already amazing song.

“Electric Lines,” the title track, is simple yet very melodious and relaxing, with a handclap rhythm. The synth beeps building up to the climax, where a large variety of sounds heighten the listening experience. Synths and cymbals abruptly join the melody, as does another beat. “In this world you’ve created/ There are sounds I will always hold dear/ I like things to be permanent/ But that’s not always possible,” Goddard sings.

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