BREAKING: Outside Lands to allow cannabis sales and consumption

Grass Lands

Grass Lands at Outside Lands in San Francisco on August 12, 2018.

Outside Lands will officially feature the legal sale and consumption of cannabis.

While music festivals and marijuana have gone together since Woodstock, the legalization of cannabis in California means it can now be official: In its second year, the festival’s Grass Lands section will feature actual grass. There will also be an area designed to look like a vintage gas station to buy and consume cannabis concentrate as well as The Confectionary for edibles.

New to the Grass Lands area will be a stage, similar to the popular Cocktail Magic, featuring cannabis-themed culinary demos, discussions, and music. The stage will be hosted by Bong Appétit’s Vanessa Lavorato.

The permit from the San Francisco Office of Cannabis restricts attendees to seven grams of non-concentrated cannabis or two grams of concentrated cannabis in total. The designated consumption area must be separate from the sale area, and both must be hidden from the rest of the festival by a solid barrier.

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