Tuesday Tracks: Your weekly music discovery


Every week, there’s a plethora of new music at our fingertips.

Oftentimes, new singles are lost among the sea of radio hits and artists that are tough to sort out on Spotify go unnoticed—these are the hidden gems we’ve decided to share. This month, we’re starting a weekly feature for new singles of all genres and backgrounds to help you discover something new. Find a song that suits your fancy.


THE SKINS featuring D.R.A.M., “Runaway”— With the recent release of their new music video for the song, Brooklyn sibling quintet The Skins has a promising future. The band is on tour with Joe Jonas’ band DNCE through Feb. 8, while the debut of EP Still Sleep combines soul, pop and subtle tones of Rag Pahadi (traditional Indian music). This band has a fresh take on pop music, offers a diverse set of band mates and should be on your watch list.


SHY LUV featuring JONES, “Shock Horror”— Following a successful EP released in November, Manchester duo Shy Luv is a cosmic blend of ’70s beats and dance vibes to create what they call neon-lit electronic pop. Frontmen Sam Knowles (aka Karma Kid) and Jake Norman (aka Armeria) have emerged as talented musicians as well as magnetic performers. And they just made their live performance debut late last year. Expect a lot from these mates in the months to come, and listen to “Shock Horror.”


PILE, “Texas”— The four-man band from Boston has proven its versatility yet again. “Texas” is a gnarly mix of intense crash of cymbals and abrupt guitar riffs. Many of their songs have blurred the lines between indie, punk and rock, but this single is clearly making its presence in transcendent punk known. Pile will be touring in April and May, surely keeping its individuality in check, as the band’s tours are mostly DIY. Pile’s upcoming album A Hairshirt of Purpose is available for preorder before its release on March 31.


CONOR OBERST, “A Little Uncanny”— Salutations, Conor Oberst’s first full-band album, is set to come out March 17. Obverts Made a name for himself as a solo artist, playing guitar, piano and harmonica, and singing. But this time, he has quite the band behind him: New York’s The Felice Brothers and drummer Jim Keltner (who’s played with Neil Young, Jackson Browne and Bob Dylan). The band is gearing up for a U.S. tour starting in March and already has a following. 


FLINT EASTWOOD, “Queen”— This girl-power single drifts somewhere between an under-appreciated ballad and radio hit pop song. The Detroit singer wrote the song after being asked what it is like being a woman in music, and the tune rings true to its focus. With a heavy beat and ringing bells in the background, it’s almost as though the women of America are marching behind her. Flint Eastwood will release an EP later this year, along with her two already-released singles “Victorious” and “Queen.”


AMANDA’S PICK: Shy Luv’s “Shock Horror” is this week’s winner! The song has an ambient sound quality but simultaneously begs you to dance to it. It has highs, lows, a beat that keeps the song moving forward, gentle voices inviting you into the narrative and a chorus that hypes you up. These Manchester guys are really hitting it out of the park, so I’m going to keep an eye on them. From this list, “Shock Horror” is the song I would most likely listen to again (and again and again and again).

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