Radio Roman: Elki, "Thunder"

Radio Roman: Elki, “Thunder”

Here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor. As of this moment, Elki has fewer than 100 followers on Twitter. I have been listening to “Thunder” daily since it premiered a couple of weeks ago. It’s only the second track she has released. I can’t easily determine her real name or where she’s based. We presume Elki is an Aussie because she’s cracked the Triple J playlist, and that’s where her management is based.



“Thunder” is both buzzy and unique, reminiscent of Kate Bush. Elki’s vocal gymnastics stretch from high to low and interact with the song’s sonics the same way a basketball moves across the court in the hands of the game’s best passers. The words duck, dive and careen over echoing guitars, chirpy themes and rhythmic percussion. The lyrics deal with controlling storms and uncertainty of a relationship. “What do you want from me?/ Who knows/I wish I knew how to make thunder/ So you could hear me far away.”

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