PREMIERE: SF’s The Love Dimension tackles tour life with ‘How Many Miles’ video

The Love Dimension

The Love Dimension. Courtesy: Dennis Chan.

Drawing from the feral energy of grunge and the mind-altering haze of ’60s psychedelia, The Love Dimension bridges the gap between three decades with a knack for infectious riffs and fire-starting hooks. The San Francisco denizens are gearing up to start 2019 with the release of their fourth LP, Dream Decibels. They’re also no stranger to the road, as their music video for “How Many Miles” exemplifies.

Director Ryan Frugé captured the literal blur that often defines the life of touring musicians, stitching time-lapse footage into a mile-a-minute blast of activity. The aesthetic is appropriate for the power pop groove and fuzzy surf-punk riffs of  “How Many Miles.” The punk rock singalong lyrics recall the classics of The Ramones, but it might be hard to slam dance through the far-out vibes that creep through the primal chords and singing.

“How Many Miles” is the touring band’s touring song. Its lyrics were written during the road trips The Love Dimension would take to the Mojave Desert to record Dream Decibels, and its instrumentals stemmed from spontaneous jam sessions.

Though the subject matter might lend itself to the trials of life with no permanent residence, the song’s final lyrics emphasize the connected nature of the world: “Put it in some other words/ We’re joined together in this world.” The visuals emphasize the community The Love Dimension has fostered with its spirited tunes. The world doesn’t seem quite so big and separated when you can gather with like-minded people in any number of cities, given the guitar feedback and infectious choruses.

“It’s about the interconnected way of everything in the universe—how physical distance is an illusion when seen from the quantum realm,” bandleader Jimmy L. Dias said.

The Love Dimension will release Dream Decibals on Friday.

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