Tuesday Tracks: Your Weekly New Music Discovery – June 4

laces, Jessica Vaughn, Electric Youth, Cat Clyde, Madi Sipes, DYGL, Mika

Clockwise from top left: Laces, Electric Youth, Cat Clyde, Madi Sipes and the Painted Blue, DYGL and Mika.

Every week, there’s a plethora of new music at our fingertips.

Artists on platforms like Spotify and Bandcamp are plentiful, and the radio offers a steady deluge of new singles, but who has time to sort through all that? RIFF does!

We pooled our resources to find some of the best new singles from all genres and backgrounds, so you can find your newest earworm without all the drama. Enjoy this week’s hidden gems.


Madi Sipes & The Painted Blue, “Heavy Heart” — Madi Sipes’ soulful vocals against the trio’s rich, slow-burning synthpop are to your ears what satin sheets are to your skin. It’s invigorating and soothing all at once. “Heavy Heart,” off the Bay Area outfit’s latest single, follows suit as it muses over an old flame. But to add fuel to the fire, the track launches into a shrilling guitar solo that, while unexpected, feels in sync with the song’s passionate nature.


LACES, “moved” — Formerly known as Charlotte Sometimes, LACES solders the usually buoyant nature of electro-pop and fashions it into a synthetic slow-burner on “moved.” The new project is a fresh start for singer-songwriter Jessica Vaughn, moving on from a youthful approach to a more unabashedly reflective style. And judging by the song’s soul-spilling vocals and tell-all lyrics, LACES is off to a strong start to her new journey.


MIKA, “Ice Cream” — Just in time for summer, MIKA manages to bring both the heat and play it cool on his new single, “Ice Cream.” The English singer-songwriter breaks into the cut with a steamy, nearly whispered first verse, before flaunting his range in the pre-chorus. By the time the refrain hits, MIKA bursts into full color with lush vocal harmonies and playfully smooth lyrics. It’s the lead single off his forthcoming album, My Name Is Michael Holbrook, due on Oct. 4.


Cat Clyde, “So Cold” — Listening to Cat Clyde feels like unwinding with a glass of whiskey and getting in touch with your inner old soul. Even if whiskey isn’t your thing, her warm, earthy and intoxicating singing make the mood convincingly appealing. On “So Cold,” the Ontario, Canada singer-songwriter ruminates a love turned sour to the tune of a smokey blues melody. Her emotive vocals and honest lyrics add an idiosyncratic touch to the timeless sound.


Electric Youth, “The Life” — Electric Youth takes the futuristic aesthetic of ‘80s synth-wave and cleans it up with a modern-day treatment on “The Life.” Bronwyn Griffin’s velvety vocals and Austin Garrick’s galactic instrumentation create an atmospheric glow that’s hypnotizing, but not in a flashy way. Rather, the Toronto duo finds its strength in creating a sound that’s soft and comforting. “The Life” is the first single from Memory Emotion, Electric Youth’s first album in four years.


DYGL, Spit It Out — Driven by the turmoil of tense social norms, Tokyo quartet DYGL lives up to the title of its new single and lets loose with the internal dialog. “Spit It Out” grinds out garage rock fuzz fit for the East Coast DIY scene, but gives a glimpse of growing up in a conservative environment in Japan. “Talking about politics and sexuality … is sometimes offensive to Japanese society, so people try to be quiet but it’s really stressful for everyone,” frontman Nobuki Akiyama said about the cut in a news release. It’s a hypnotic growler that not only gets your heart rate going, but also gets you in touch with such universal experiences.


Chloe’s Pick: I’m all about the dreamy and ethereal aesthetic that Electric Youth evokes. “The Life” sounds straight out of a neon-lit, futuristic universe. Its pulsating synths emulate the mystical and almost daunting possibilities that would be in store. Bronwyn Griffin’s angelic vocals channel that of a utopian chanteuse, riding on a similar wavelength as Julee Cruise on Twin Peaks. Even if the song paints a different picture for you, Electric Youth’s sound is captivating enough to provide a unique experience for each listener.

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