Tuesday Tracks: Your Weekly New Music Discovery – April 6

Ida Maria, Claire George, Working Men's Club, Matt Muse, Doss, Jax Anderson, K.Flay., K. Flay, Flint Eastwood

Clockwise from top left: Ida Maria, Claire George, Working Men’s Club, Matt Muse, Doss and Jax Anderson with K.Flay.

“Sick of You” by Ida Maria is the punk rock song that perfectly captures the overwhelming feels and frustrations of the past year. Also, catch more songs by former Bay Area artists Claire George, K.Flay (assisting RIFF favorite Jax Anderson), as well as new tracks by Matt Muse, Working Men’s Club and Doss.

Jax Anderson and K.Flay, “I Don’t Care Anymore” — When Jax Anderson teased “I Don’t Care Anymore” on TikTok, a lot of fans asked for K.Flay to be featured, which led to their collaboration on the track. “Nothing matters so do what you want,” Anderson sings, and then runs with the idea. The vocals sound as if they came from an old record vinyl or a voicemail with the crackling and somewhat distant sound. The rest of the track has a stripped-down feel to it. There’s a thumping bass line all throughout, with snaps and background vocals that come in for the choruses.


Doss, “Look” — Doss announces her new EP, 4 New Songs, with the release of “Look.” The track combines EDM with electro-pop for a nightclub jam. She wanted to make this song feel like a night blurring together. The repetition in the lyrics helps Doss create that vibe. The high-pitched vocals with the pulsing bass and drumming leave listeners in a trance-like state. 

Claire George, “Pink Elephants” — “Pink Elephants” is the lead single off Claire George’s debut album, The Land Beyond The Light. George wrote the song about her unsuccessful attempts to save someone she deeply cared about from addiction. But with such a heavy subject matter, she is able to maintain an upbeat sound. The track has a little bit of a disco feel with the synths and airy vocals. The track further bolsters her synth-pop portfolio, while still being its own distinct work.


Matt Muse, “Bridges” — Chicago native Matt Muse talks about the intricacies of friendships on “Bridges.” The hip-hop artist weaves the stories of three friendships together over a simple track filled with synths and a build-up in percussive layers. It almost feels like listeners are underwater with the distortion of the synths, which add a different level of movement to the track. Muse mourns the ends of the friendships because they highlight how all the small problems finally add up to a large falling-out.

Working Men’s Club, “X” — U.K. band Working Men’s Club released “X” as their first song following its debut album in 2020. The track is a synth-heavy rock song that feels perfect for the summer. There are so many high expectations for the summer of 2021 that it’s bound to be at least a little bit of a disappointment. “X” is able to capture and articulate this feeling that goes beyond just the lyrics. It captures the emotions with the buildup of the guitar and percussion, while the lyrics are more about disappointment.


Ida Maria, “Sick of You” — Norwegian punk singer-songwriter Ida Maria kisses the tumultuous year that was 2020 goodbye with “Sick of You.” The end result is a high-energy earworm. She uses the track to channel her frustrations and the chaotic energy she has been feeling. The heavy guitar mixed with the hard-hitting drumming makes this such a cathartic listening experience. Make sure not to miss the deepfake music video.

Aarushi’s Pick: This week’s favorite is “Sick of You” by Ida Maria. I’ve been getting into punk and rock a lot recently, so I loved this track immediately. I feel like it would be the song playing in the background of a 2000s coming of age movie when the rebellious older sister gets introduced. The track has such a high-intensity feel to it that it makes me feel invincible. I’ve already added it to as many playlists as I can because it’s so cathartic. Ida Maria hasn’t been as active in recent years, but if, a decade ago, you caught “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked” or “Oh My God,” those songs have never left your rotation.

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