Tuesday Tracks: Your Weekly New Music Discovery – Nov. 19

Diana DeMuth, Little Hurt, Peter Bjorn and John, Hannah Diamond, Jackie, Caitlyn Smith

Clockwise from top left: Diana DeMuth, Little Hurt, Peter Bjorn and John, Hannah Diamond, Jackie and Caitlyn Smith.

Every week, there’s a plethora of new music at our fingertips.

Artists on platforms like Spotify and Bandcamp are plentiful, and the radio offers a steady deluge of new singles, but who has time to sort through all that? RIFF does!

We pooled our resources to find some of the best new singles from all genres and backgrounds, so you can find your newest earworm without all the drama. Enjoy this week’s hidden gems.


Piebald, “(All I Want For Christmas Is To) Rage With My Friends” — This fun yet edgy track gives its Christmas mood a humorous overtone. The song starts out with mellow piano melodies, as if depicting glistening snowflakes, and its shift to full-on hard rock brings a smashing electric guitar boosted by a heavy rhythm section. The repetitive chorus emphasizes the need for gathering friends together for a night of partying, or rather, raging. Released on the group’s new Christmas EP, “Piebald Presents To You, A Musical Christmas Adventure,” the song brings a sense of energized thankfulness as it focuses on the gift of friendship.


Caitlyn Smith, “Damn You For Breaking My Heart” — Caitlyn Smith creates an explosive supernova with her latest single, from her upcoming sophomore album. The song evokes strong emotion with Smith’s powerhouse vocals as she deals with the pain of betrayal and disappointment. Surprisingly and ironically, Smith collaborated with her husband to write this upbeat, yet despair-ridden, heartbreak anthem. The song can be classified in a genre of its own as it pulls together elements of punk, electronic dance and country rock.


Little Hurt, “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok” — This song is a solid pick-me-up for anyone struggling with the hardest of times. Little Hurt’s singer-songwriter Colin Dieden blends rock, heavy sub-bass and alt-pop as he confronts mental hurdles and negative emotions. Dieden teamed up with nonprofit mental health organization Hope For The Day to release this uplifting anthem. Through reassuring lyrics, he reminds those struggling that not every day is supposed to be perfect, but that it’s possible to reach the rainbow on the other side.


Diana DeMuth, “Hotel Song” — Simple melodies and soft acoustics are all DeMuth needs to kick off this liberating track. Her prevailing voice sports voluminous depth and atmosphere as she sings about taking control of her life and breaking free of her bonds. Lyrics like “bust me out of this hotel” in the chorus symbolize DeMuth permitting herself to pick up leave her old life behind. The song rises and falls, creating an inspirational mood as DeMuth pushes to live her desired purpose.


Jackie, “Lifetime in a Touch” — This psychedelic rock dance track by Jackie Mohr, Marc Girardin and Max Trefler keeps in step with the uplifting theme of this week’s selections. Jackie’s lyrics act as a reminder to get out of our own heads. The song is the soundtrack to not caring what others think. When judgmental people make the band feel unloved, Jackie lives life for the small moments as they pass by. The track’s electrifying vibrance generates a rush of wonderment from beginning to end.


Hannah Diamond, “Love Goes On” — This track is one of many heartbreak pop ballads on Diamond’s Reflections collection. Diamond uses the glossy synths and toned precision in the track’s hypnotic chorus as a way to convince herself that life and love continues on track after a heartbreak eventually fades away. After the song’s halfway point, it transitions into bopping EDM. Diamond revisits memories of struggling to move on with someone else and forget a past love.


Amelia’s Pick — With all of the unique and enjoyable qualities of this week’s selection, picking my favorite of the pack became a seemingly unending battle with myself. In the end, Little Hurt’s “It’s Ok To Not Be Okay” prevailed. More than ever, the world needs a hopeful message to bring some mental and emotional ease. This song does just that while gushing with musical pleasure. The nonprofit collaboration takes the cake.

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