Tuesday Tracks: Your Weekly New Music Discovery – Apr. 13

Billie Marten, Overcoats, Holly Humberstone, Noah Kittinger, LŪN, Tessa Violet, Lovelytheband

Clockwise from top left: Billie Marten, Overcoats, Holly Humberstone, Bedroom (Noah Kittinger), LŪN, and Tessa Violet with Lovelytheband.

Overcoats’ post-breakup limbo, Holly Humberstone’s unshakeable wistfulness, Billie Marten’s stunning apocalypse and Lights Poxleitner-Bokan’s alter-ego as LŪN shine and make the Tuesday Tracks cut this week.


Tessa Violet featuring lovelytheband, “Games” — Tessa Violet fits the playful thrills of having a crush into bright, bite-sized melodies. Her debut album, Bad Ideas, never shies away from the butterflies, the lovesick rush and every feeling in between. Recently, the singer-songwriter collaborated with lovelytheband to put a new spin on “Games.” The second take has both artists exchanging lines with no warning—a fun and fitting approach to the unpredictable topic at hand. 

Overcoats featuring Tennis, “The Hardest Part” — Post-breakup limbo is never pretty, yet Overcoats handle it with grace. From the what-ifs to wondering what comes next, the alt-pop duo (making its second trip through Tuesday Tracks) goes through all the motions on “The Hardest Part.” The new single also features fellow pop duo Tennis. Together, their combined forces elevate the song into a complete euphoric state. Their ethereal vocals, paired with soft and sweet riffs, make this moment of reflection feel like a lucid dream-turned-revelation.


Holly Humberstone, “Haunted House” — Spiritual awakenings, for those who believe, are said to entail significant shifts in your surroundings. Holly Humberstone’s “Haunted House” resembles that experience. The new song from the British artist leans into the loss of her childhood home and a loved one. Every ounce of grief can be felt in Humberstone’s delicate vocals and the sparse, somber piano notes. Through its relationship with transformation, “Haunted House” delivers an unshakeable wistfulness.

Billie Marten, “Creature Of Mine” — In the event the world ends, how would you spend the rest of time? Billie Marten’s “Creature of Mine” offers a suggestion: Take a chance. The new single is all about finding good company, whether with a soulmate or stranger, and making the most of those last moments together. Marten’s vocals melt like wax on a burning candle, silvery and smooth against the quaint instrumentation. To tie the warm tones together, the music video takes place on a deserted, forestry stroll at golden hour. The apocalypse has never been more stunning.


Bedroom, “Too Bad” — Noah Kittinger can pack spiraling emotions into the most understated sounds. While tracks like “In My Head” and “Nothing Lasts” ride on fuzzy riffage, his newest single is steeped in sulky sludge. A droning melody and whirring vocals make “Too Bad” a spot-on depiction of the ennui described in Kittinger’s lyrics. After a steady evolution of sound across the last few Bedroom singles, Kittinger’s first LP in seven years is now on the way.

LŪN, “y2k2k” — While singer-songwriter Lights is known for making vibrant synth-pop, she takes on an alter ego with LŪN. The new project explores vast soundscapes, pulsing with astronomical beats and a wobble bass that hits like a tectonic shift. Her single, “y2k2k,” sounds straight from a cybercore soundtrack, as the rest of her debut LP with LŪN dives into supersonic madness. 


Chloe’s Pick: I am obsessed with the new Overcoats track and its video! Honestly, any song that mentions the “life goes on” sentiment strikes a chord in me without fail. To me, lyrics like that come off as a combination of apathy and anxiety about the future—something I feel deeply. I typically hear those themes in angstier material, but I love Overcoats’ softer approach here. The music video’s dreamy aesthetic also caught my attention right away. Its “getting ready” motif fits perfectly with the idea of moving forward and taking each day as it comes.

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