Tuesday Tracks: Your weekly new music discovery for Feb. 20

Slow Hollows

Slow Hollows, courtesy Elizabeth Klein.

This week’s roundup features electronic-based pop from Lara Project, the country/hip-hop stylings of Shaboozey, alternative rock by Slow Hollows, Ayleen Valentine and Beauty School Dropout, and a lo-fi hip-hop track from AKTHESAVIOR and sagun.

Lara Project featuring Cuco, “Feeling Low” — Venezuelan sibling duo Lara Project returns with new music alongside Cuco in a collaboration track off their upcoming album, Sobrenatrual, out in March. “Feeling Love” touches on mental health struggles against a dark pop instrumental. Vocals from Félix Lara and Mexican American artist Cuco blend seamlessly with an ethereal production that features enchanting synths.


Shaboozey, “Anabelle” — In a fusion of hip-hop and country, Virginian artist Shaboozey sings about heartbreak and moving on from the past on “Anabelle.” Known for a sound that combines elements of Western Americana music with R&B and hip-hop, Shaboozey uses eclectic production yet again here, on a song that contains moody acoustic strings and striking vocals.

Slow Hollows, “Soap” — L.A. artist Slow Hollows gives us an alt-pop track that focuses on the use of swelling guitars and Austin Feinstein’s melancholic vocals to detail the vulnerability of falling in love. Keeping a balanced melody throughout the song until finally exploding with a powerful eruption of faster-paced strings, it’s a reflection of Feinstein’s growing feelings for the person they had in mind while writing the song.

Having disbanded in 2020 and now reviving as a solo project, Slow Hollows are back with a new album, Bullhead, out March 8. It’ll be the first new album in three years and takes on a different sound from previous projects, focusing on moody strings and guitar riffs.


AKTHESAVIOR featuring sagun, “Issues” — If you know AKTHESAVIOR as part of the Flatbush rap-duo The Underachievers, you’ll be pleased to see him experimenting with a new sound on this track off his next solo project, with Nepali producer sagun. The two artists have created a lo-fi hip-hop track that mixes AK’s singing with his typical ’90s-influenced rap style for a self-reflecting song about AK’s imperfections. New project u r not alone is out on April 5.

Ayleen Valentine, “ask nicely” — Influenced by nu-metal artists like Deftones, Ayleen Valentine has created a song that sounds like modern-day 2000’s emo rock. The 22-year-old wrote and produced the song entirely on her own, employing emotional guitar lines and soft vocals. Eventually, the song turns into an intense ballad that asks for some consideration from Valentine’s partner—and for the artist to be put first for once.


Beauty School Dropout, “one night stand you” — Rock trio Beauty School Dropout delivers a heavier pop-rock track with “one night stand you,” which talks about using another person to alleviate the pains of life and feeling lonely. Vocalist Colie Hutzler uses various inflections throughout the song to deliver his message, making for an emotionally charged track.

Italie’s pick: “Soap” by Slow Hollows impacted me the most this week. Listening to this track, I felt like I could feel the emotions that Feinstein must have as well. The production makes me excited to hear the rest of the new project when it is released.

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