Tuesday Tracks: Your Weekly New Music Discovery – April 27

Whiterosemoxie, Damien, YSN Flow, Kid Quill, CoachDaGhost, Tion Wayne

Clockwise from top left: Whiterosemoxie, Damien, YSN Flow, Kid Quill, CoachDaGhost and Tion Wayne.

Ever find yourself skipping song after song on your playlist after the thousandth rotation? A fresh perspective often breathes life into music, so here are some new singles to give a spin! YSN Flow, Tion Wayne, CoachDaGhost, whiterosemoxie, Kid Quill and Damien are taking over this week’s collection of Tuesday Tracks.

YSN Flow featuring Doe Boy, “Do It Again” — The balance of smooth vocals between YSN Flow’s bars—as he glides over this ambient, bass-laden trap beat—and Doe Boy’s sung vocals, make for the kind of track that’s meant to slap in the whip. On this track, YSN raps about his struggle to attain success, as well as his anxieties of losing all for which he’s worked so hard. This single comes off the heels of YSN Flow’s last song, “Money Man,” which was preceded by his acclaimed 2020 mixtape, Long Short Story.


Tion Wayne and Russ Millions featuring Arrdee, E1 & ZT of (3×3), Bugzy MaloneBuni, Fivio Foreign and Darkoo, “Body 2” — This is a cypher track that highlights some of the best MCs the U.K. has to offer, as well as New York rapper Fivio Foreign. In this bombastic British braggadocios bombardment of bars to come across the pond, each MC brings his A-game over a warping synth beat. This is the duo’s second remix, following its previous 2019 remix of hit song “Keisha & Becky.”

CoachDaGhost, “Eternal Life” — CoachDaGhost has been blowing up the the New York drill scene with his adlib-heavy tracks and powerful wit. The lead single for his upcoming mixtape, GHOST STORIES, features a haunting and ambient arrangement as Coach raps about his success as an up-and-comer and his ambition to reach the top of the game.


whiterosemoxie, “serenity” — The Detroit MC released “serenity” and “ITACHI” as a dual single under the name WRITTEN in STONE. The acoustic open builds into a spacey and moody track for those who’re looking to stew in their feelings. Whiterosemoxie touches on issues of isolation, dependency and substance abuse—themes that have been all too common for so many people over the last year in quarantine.

Kid Quill, “Curbside” — Despite of the dark times we’re living in, Kid Quill has come along with an uplifting piano-led track, rapping about supporting his friends and his desire to have things return to normal so that we can all celebrate. The playful nature of the beat makes this song perfect for get-togethers, which may be closer than we think.


Damien, “Bad Luck” — Pop-rapper Damien is emotionally pouring out about his insecurities, with lyrics that sound like the exact thoughts that go through the mind of a person struggling with depression. The guitar melody and pulsing percussion, paired with his flow and delivery, feels reminiscent of Logic and Childish Gambino’s early mixtape era.

Tim’s Pick: The talent on display with Tion Wayne and Russ Millions easily takes the cake, as the expansive lineup of artists delivers hard on punchy bars with clever metaphors. The U.K. scene often feels overlooked here in the States, and perhaps thats a regional issue, but almost every rapper from British grime to the drill scene has always delivered quality verses, often hitting breakneck speeds that would make many big name MCs take notes just so they can match up.

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