Radio station Alt 105.3 switches formats to ‘adult hits’

Dave FM, Live 105, Alt 105.3

Dave FM.

Longtime Bay Area alt-rock radio station KITS 105.3 has been rebranded to the “adult hits” format DAVE FM by Audacy, which operates the station.

The station, for many years called “Live 105” before Entercom Radio merged with CBS Radio in 2017, has been in steady decline in recent years, losing many listeners along the way.

“DAVE FM is an opportunity for us to provide our audience a station that encompasses a wide array of music genres, full of recognizable hits across multiple decades,” spokeswoman Stacey Kauffman said in a news release. “We trust this station will be able to offer listener favorites each and every day, no matter their taste.”

But for many who grew up on Live 105, the move marks the death of alternative rock and pop radio in the Bay Area. Over its first hour on air, Dave FM played songs by Hall & Oates, Kiss, Guns N’ Roses, the Killers, Devo and Oakland’s Pointer Sisters.

DAVE FM is positioned as “totally random radio,” but with a focus on hits from the ’80s through today. The station had been broadcasting alternative music for about 35 years; in 1986 it had flipped from a Top-40 format. In April 2020, the station’s owners laid off popular music director and DJ Aaron Axelsen as part of massive cost-cutting moves.

Earlier this year Axelsen partnered with FLOOD to launch FLOOD FM, a digital radio station that has rebuilt his vision for for the old Live 105, but on a global scale.

DAVE FM has also been playing songs  by Billy Idol, MC Hammer, R.E.M. and Duran Duran.

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  1. Laurie Lopez

    This is horrible. I will not be listening to radio anymore. I have been a long time listener of live 105 since it first started when I was in my 20s. I was a teenager in the 80s certainly don't want to go back. I enjoy the progressive music of live 105 .

  2. Chaig Tin

    I miss Green Day too, but they still played Imagine Dragons "Radioactive" isn't that good enough? Consider it a tradeoff, otherwise younger Californians could be missing out on hearing lyrics like this: "Early morning, April 4, shot rings out in the Memphis sky, free at last, they took your life, they could not take your pride."

  3. Paul

    Wow! The demise of terrestrial radio continues. Generic, stale, corporate, worn-out radio prevails. Nothing but tired BS music with commercials...Isn't that enticing? Doesn't it make you want to tune-in? With all the options available to everyone now, why would anyone listen to radio anymore? All personality and originality gone. Terrible!


    DAVE FM. Totally Random radio that you hear on literally every other station... super random guys .... they're so quirky and different by being the exact same

  5. James

    This is totally fucked up radio!! Live 105 was great,Alt was great ,the morning show was cool , music was amazing ! This is just ridiculous!! Fuck you guys!!!

  6. John the carpenter

    First they dump Alex Bennet and now this, they really know how to drive people away, good job guys ( F-ing idiots )

  7. Elizabeth Zavala

    I really really liked 105.3 Alt why would they just change it like that. The morning show was great what a HUGE MISTAKE. I am so sad you guys suck Dave sucks.

  8. Gregg D Martin

    Welll.. At least here on my first Sunday listening to Dave FM, this is firmy achored in the old KROQ, LA New Wave of the late 70's-early 80's mixed with the offsping of New wave and Punk. For a geazer who grew up in 80's LA, this is a good station.

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