Producer Daniel Lanois on U2’s The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

U2, Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr., Daniel Lanois, Grammy

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Editor Roman Gokhman spoke to musician-producer Daniel Lanois yesterday about his current collaboration with lap-steel guitarist Rocco DeLuca and their upcoming tour, which will make a stop in San Francisco at the Independent on June 7, as well his his next work. But we also asked Lanois for his thoughts on one of his most-acclaimed works, U2’s The Joshua Tree, at 30 years, as well as the U2 tour that sold out Levi’s Stadium last week.

Daniel Lanois and Rocco Deluca, Shovelman
8 p.m., Wednesday, June 7
The Independent
Tickets: $29.50.

RIFF: On the band’s current tour, U2 is playing an album that is really one-sixth yours, as well as each of the band members’ and Brian Eno’s. How does it feel to have that album celebrated now? Does it deserve its own tour?

Daniel Lanois: I remixed two songs for [The Joshua Tree] reissue. I remixed “Running to Stand Still” and “With or Without You.” It was nice to revisit. To get a chance to hear “Running to Stand Still” is quite special. It was a long time ago that we made that record, and I was slightly mystified that they were going to go and tour the record. But it might be kind of fun for them, you know? I went out with Emmylou Harris for The Wrecking Ball tour in 2015 [for a 20th anniversary tour; Lanois produced the record]. We had a good time, and it was kind of a nice night of celebration. Maybe the lads are looking to celebrate a bit, you think?

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