Production issues responsible for postponing KISS show in Oakland

KISS, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer

KISS performs at Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, Iowa on Sept. 3, 2019. Photo: Todd Johnson.

Rock band KISS has postponed several concerts on the West Coast due to “production issues,” according to the band’s spokeswoman.

The Oakland concert scheduled for Sept. 16 is now scheduled for March 6, 2020.

Presumably, it became difficult for the band’s equipment and staging elements to be sent from a Sept. 14 show in Utah through Oakland and to Los Angeles on Sept. 20. The band is currently on its End of the Road Tour, a career-spanning victory lap. As of Friday afternoon the band’s website still listed the original date, while showed the new one.

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  1. Roy Coons

    Postponed? Oh NOOOO! I've been a loyal fan and member of the KISS Army for 45 of the 46 years of world domination. Very seldom has there been any sense of disappointment from the Kings of Rock or any event, production, or anything associated with KISS.From the cardboard Love Gun album insert to the KISS Coffin, if it's a "brought to you by KISS" item, make sure at least 1 is brought to me. I'll take of each, PLEASE! I've been waiting for months, what feels like years to be a part of the final celebration of the greatest force known to man and witness their triumphant exit from this physical earth as the pure positive power is released to exist eternally propelled by the perpetually building drive that only Rock n Roll possesses. God gave it to us, KISS delivered the goods, so lets show God our appreciation in one final flash larger and brighter than anything ever! The sun deserves a break! Give thanks!! And if the show is postponed, there must be a serious reason for it. I don't need to know what it is I know it's in the best interest of all involved. The final wait will be worth it. Take all the time you need my brothers! We will wait gladly!!

  2. kenneth williams

    Wrong dude, all but three have been sold out, don't know about Oakland, but Staples has less that a thousand house tickets available, its the resale because everyone is trying to make a buck. Fresno had almost 3000 available a week before the show and sold out. its just timing.

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