Gov. Gavin Newsom: Gatherings of hundreds or thousands of people unlikely through the end of the summer

Outside Lands 2019, Outside Lands Music Festival

Attendees at Outside Lands at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco photographed on Aug. 12, 2019.

In a public address Tuesday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom said that despite evidence of California bending the so-called Covid-19 and coronavirus spread curve, the possibility of gatherings hundreds or more people is “negligible” in June, July or August.

This directly affects most concerts—and Outside Lands, which is at this time scheduled for Aug. 7 to 9.

Newsom said that California, Oregon and Washington are bucking the national trend of coronavirus spreading, and that shelter-in-place orders are working to lower cases of confirmed infections. He said that if trends continue, he could provide a timeline at that point of how the state could begin to slowly reopen its economy. He named several examples, including restaurants opening at reduced capacity, and said that other businesses will need to change their models as to how they will operate.

Newsom was cautiously optimistic that if the rate of new infections and hospitalizations continued to decrease, the state could slowly begin to open back up; not like a light switch, but more like a “dimmer.”

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