Insert Foot: Putting the brakes on the bad to remember good times

Insert Foot, Tony Hicks, Breakin'

Insert Foot longing for childhood.

I just had an emotional Feel Like a Kid Again Week.

Never heard of it? Me neither. I just made it up. I figure someone else is out there making up fake holidays (Daughter’s Day, Son’s Day … Hamster Month), so why shouldn’t I?

Tony Hicks, Insert Foot

“This column writes itself, right?” Insert Foot. Rendering: Adam Pardee/STAFF.

It started with Edward Van Halen dying on Tuesday. EVH was my all-time favorite rock star when I was a kid and, though gut-wrenchingly sad, the flood of memories knocked around in the days that followed were surprisingly therapeutic. I heard from people I didn’t even know were still alive; I’m pretty sure some of them were surprised to hear the same about me.

All the angry political nonsense (the stuff I don’t agree with) had really put a bad buzz around social media the previous few weeks. I probably was arguing more than I was working, which, come to think of it, may have something to do with why I’m broke and lonely.

But during a time in which I normally wouldn’t speak with so many, we reminisced about high school, going to concerts, dating, breaking up, breaking necks (seriously, I talked to someone about how he broke his neck in high school), breaking into parents’ liquor cabinets, “Breakin’” the movie—

Just kidding. We all swore a blood oath not to bring that up again.

Van Halen was a common love for us ’80s kids from the suburbs. They signified nothing short of freedom. They created the soundtrack of our teen years, and now the band is gone. Of course, it’s a cliché to say someone’s death is the end of an era, but it really is.

But EVH’s death made a lot of us all come back together this week, which was nice.

We can go back to screaming at each other’s stupid politics next week.

And speaking of bands from ancient times, AC/DC released a new single this week, “Shot in the Dark” … and it’s just so electronically danceable.

Just kidding. It sounds like, you know, pretty much everything else they’ve done the past 40 years. Thank God.

Sometimes I just get tired of being an adult. This has been a very adult year, hasn’t it? Then again, staying alive while being able to pay bills while breathing forest fire air; that’s a good 2020 when considering the alternatives.

A few weeks ago, I started writing something pondering ways to feel like a kid again, after seeing the trailer for the next attempt at transitioning “Dune” into a movie. It looks great; awesome cast, appropriately futuristic, amazing effects—it looks like they’ll get the details right. I felt like a goofy teenager having something awesome to look forward to for about three minutes before transitioning back into a drab adult.

I just wanted something to get excited about again—even more exciting than getting a delivery from Amazon. Christmas shopping just might feel like Disneyland this year.

I have a feeling life is about to get way too exciting in a few weeks. Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You comes out Oct. 23, and “The Mandalorian” re-starts a week later.

And someone said something about an election.

I am kind of excited about that because there’s a chance I’ll be working that night. Election night is like Christmas Eve in journalism, only with more free pizza.

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