Hitting for the cycle: A song for every relationship stage

Anchorman, Will Ferrell, Ron Burgundy

“Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”

Every relationship goes through phases. After the intense infatuation, it can lead to either a happy marriage, or a trek back to the starting line. Every phase also has a perfect song for the occasion. Here are my picks for every moment in a relationship.

Love at first sight —“Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop,” Landon Pigg

The beginning of every love story starts with the moment two people meet. This bliss is innocent and full of wonder. This sense of ecstasy is perfectly described by Landon Pigg. Most people rehearse before confessing a secret. Love at first sight often feels refreshing and new, much like the gentle plucks on the guitar in this song. And of course, who wouldn’t want to fall in love at a coffee shop, where hopeless romantics sip on their chai lattes, daydreaming of the perfect date.

The honeymoon — “Angels,” The xx

At this point, it feels like nothing can go wrong. Life is exciting and limitless. You’re still learning new things about each other and your bond is growing stronger. This infatuation creates an illusion that you can do everything and nothing together and still be completely happy. Nothing explains that feeling better than the minimalistic “Angels.” You’re in an empty room, telling your partner how deep your love is for them. Romy Croft’s admiration for the subject of affection is something everyone yearns to feel at least once in their life.

Fun under the covers — “XO,” Beyonce

After a few dates, the romance is taken to the bedroom and the relationship goes to a new level. Love has never felt more pure during this time and the intimacy has reached a climax. Beyonce’s “XO” is perfect for this moment. This song can only be described with nighttime fireworks. At its core, both the song and moment are sensational and euphoric, as if you never want it to end. Something about the soft howls at the end of this song reflect the end of the special moment, when you’re both lying in bed together.

Cruise control —“Heartbeats,” Jose Gonzalez

Now that the dust has settled, and you can repeat your girlfriend’s Chipotle order by memory, the relationship has reached a plateau. The excitement has fled and spontaneity is no longer expected, but you’re still happy. The fire is still there, but it burns slowly. This acoustic cover resembles this routine life you’ve created together. Unlike the original by The Knife, this version is soft and humble. Jose Gonzalez reminisces of a time when he was so in love that everything felt perfect.

The first fight — “The Wire,” Haim

This dreadful moment happens to everyone. Emotions run wild during this confusing and frustrating time. Some feel angry, depressed or flustered. Haim clearly demonstrates each emotion in “The Wire.” This song illustrates how far someone can go until the tension is unbearable. The sister trio advises listeners to keep their options open for the moment the relationship hits a few bumps. The good news is that this dismayed feeling doesn’t last forever (for the most part) and this song reminds us of that.

Reunion — “Wonderwall,” Oasis

Whether it’s after a fight or spending significant time apart, the moment two people reunite is nearly as thrilling as the first time they meet. The anguish of distance creates a sentimental longing to be together again. “Wonderwall” is a romantic classic that expresses this joyous moment perfectly with Liam Gallagher’s deep confessions. You realize these revelations after being away from someone you love for so long. The lyrics here are the first words out of your mouth when you’re back together with your lover.

Marriage — “Depreston,” Courtney Barnett

If all goes well, you get married. Your routines have meshed into one and your lives revolve around each other. The innocence Courtney Barnett talks about in “Depreston” relates to the everyday joys of marriage. Something as simple as saving money by brewing your own coffee is something to which many married couples can relate. The happiness lives on, but the fireworks may have been extinguished. This song shows that flashiness is no longer a requirement for greatness.

Breakup — “Rolling in the Deep,” Adele

Unfortunately, not all love stories end with a happy ending. Your world may feel like it’s crashing down and everything you worked for is gone, but life goes on. After a while, you realize this and start to pick yourself back up. Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” is the roar in everyone’s comeback. It is victorious and screams the pains of the past away. The chorus echoes every day, but the pity eventually vanishes. If this dreadful moment ever happens, Adele reminds us to turn the misfortune into opportunity. The only thing you can do is be true to yourself and start this playlist over.

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