Playlist: 14 days of Donald Trump in song

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President Donald Trump has been hard at work in the past two weeks shouting at world leaders and saving America from Syrian children. As his approval rating sinks, the tension in the country is heating up. We wanted to capture the mood, so we asked some of our staff members which songs they think reflect the tenor of the times. We didn’t ask for political affiliations, and some of our staff chose to remain anonymous. Here are some of the responses we received:

Celine Teo-Blockey, reporter:  “This is Not America,” David Bowie. “With the torrent of unsettling news, Bowie’s “This Is Not America” written with Pat Metheny strikes a somber chord with me. Interesting to note that in his absence Bowie seems ever more present in our lives. The song was originally from the soundtrack of “The Falcon and the Snowman” a 1985 movie about the CIA, Russian spies and a Mexican jail, based on real events.”

Joey Reams, reporter: It’s the End of the World,” R.E.M. “Donald Trump has successfully pissed off the majority of people in America and slashed ties with several world leaders in the two weeks he’s been in office. A lot of people have lost hope for this country, making this a perfect song for right now.”

Hector Aguilar, columnist: “Fuck Donald Trump,” YG. “I know it’s a very obvious pick but there really isn’t a better song to sum up how I’ve felt these past two weeks.”

Rachel Goodman, columnist: “Highway to Hell,” AC/DC.  Every time something new comes in, I’m just thinking of how fast we’re driving down this road to hell. God help us!”

Michael Massaro, reporter: “When Big Joan Sets Up,” Captain Beefheart. “It’s low-hanging fruit, but the constant references to small hands and how Beefheart essentially wants the woman in the song to stop talking plants a reminiscent mental image.”

Roman Gokhman, editor: “Oompa Loompa,” Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. “Something about a little orange-skinned man with short fingers always overreacting to everything reminds me that we probably shouldn’t drown the little pudgy kid just because he likes chocolate.”

Ian Young, photographer: “Psycho Theme,” Bernard Herrmann. “Because everything about [Trump] is both frightening and a joke.”

Staff photographer: “Hurt,” Nine Inch Nails. “I know that it’s about addiction, but it sorta fits: the feeling that many of us feel such desperation, loss and helplessness in the direction our ‘leaders’ are heading. Our country isn’t recognizable any more. And there’s no indication that it’s going to get better or change. Sadness, desperation, pain, despair; all pretty well-expressed in this song.”

Reporter: “American Idiot,” Green Day. “Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ was written during the George W. Bush era, but given the current state of affairs and the level of unrest [Trump] is generating, it seems far more apropos of 2017 than 2004. Does, ‘One nation controlled by the media/ Information age of hysteria,’ sound familiar? [Trump] and his surrogates have a pretty simple game plan, and it goes like this: ‘Now everybody do the propaganda/ And sing along to the age of paranoia!’ As we watch our freedoms disappear at the hands of an orange, tiny-handed fascist puppet, who has succeeded in legitimizing xenophobic paranoia, ‘Can you hear the sound of hysteria?’”

Eugene Yaremenko, website editor: “Psycho Killer,” Talking Heads. “The song reflecting my current mood.”

Matt De Mello, editor: “Alright,” Kendrick Lamar. “At the end of the day, we all gotta stay up. If you believe injustice is occurring, then you gotta fight. You’ll lose some, maybe most, but with great power comes accountability from the people. That’s us. ‘We gon’ be alright.'”

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