PHOTOS: Noise Pop celebrates community at 20th Street Block Party

20th Street Block Party

Photos: Gary Chancer

SAN FRANCISCO — Thousands packed into the Mission Saturday to see live music, purchase arts and crafts from local vendors and eat at numerous local food vendors during the fifth annual 20th Street Block Party. The event, sponsored by Noise Pop and benefiting the nonprofit Mission Language and Vocational School.

The sky was overcast but the sun peaked through every few minutes not detracting from the experience at the event, held on 19th and 20th streets, between Bryant and Harrison, as well as Florida and Alabama streets.

Vendors sold locally made clothing, art, crafts and jewelry. Wonder Dog Rescue was on hand to offer adoptions. Harken Chardonnay and Amoeba Records were two of numerous local businesses on hand. The latter sold used vinyls in a pop-up shop environment. Food vendors included Alicia’s Tamales Los Mayas, Bonito Poke, El Pipila, Farmhouse Kitchen Thai, Flour + Water and Humphry Slocombe. Throughout the block party, DIYers were in for a treat with activities including leatherworking, watercoloring and the popular flower crown table.

The event was extremely friendly with fans of all ages, pets and plenty of babies in strollers.

Musically, the event was headlined by Texas electro-pop band Neon Indian, but there were more than a dozen acts on three stages. Neon Indian drew seemingly all attendees to a packed block at the Florida Street stage for its hourlong set. After opening with “Dear Skorpio Magazine,” however, the band ran into technical difficulties. Either a guitar or the ever-important synth went out, and there was a five minute break during which the band tried to engage the crowd with some jokes.

Frontman Alan Palomo and his band then breezed through the reggae-tinged “Annie,” funky “The Glitzy Hive” and “Street Level,” and the tropical “61 Cygni Ave.” Facing a time crunch, the band skipped a traditional encore break and went right into its best-known tune, “Polish Girl,” and finished with a cover of Prince’s “Pop Life.”

Neon Indian

Neon Indian performs at the 20th Street Block Party in San Francisco on Aug 19, 2017.

Neon Indian was preceded on the Florida Street stage by electronic and hip-hop-influenced New York singer-songwriter Kilo Kish. Florida Street residents sat in their windowsills to take in her highly stylized set. Kilo Kish, who has collaborated with the Gorillaz, Vince Staples and Chet Faker, wore a suit jacket and at one point flailed a suitcases against the stage. Other musical acts included Hoops, San Francisco’s The Tambo Rays, Sugar Candy Mountain, High Sunn, Chulita Vinyl Club and Los Campas.

— Roman Gokhman

Kilo Kish

Kilo Kish performs at the 20th Street Block Party in San Francisco on Aug 19, 2017.



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