PHOTOS: A Perfect Circle nearly perfect in San Jose

A Perfect Circle

Photos: Alessio Neri

SAN JOSE — A Perfect Circle performed Wednesday at San Jose State University, promoting the band’s forthcoming album, Eat the Elephant.

It may be no coincidence that the band’s long-overdue fourth album (it has been 14 years since A Prefect Circle last release a long-player)will be released on April 20.

“A lot of jokes to follow,” lead singer Maynard Keenan said to enthusiastic cheering and laughter.

The show began with “Eat the Elephant” and “Disillusioned,” both from the new album. But it wasn’t difficult to tell fans were more excited to hear earlier material. Songs like “Weak and Powerless,” “3 Libras” and “Gravity” were part of the old repertoire.

“We appreciate your patience; this is a lot of the new material, but this is us trying to work it out,” Keenan said during a pause between songs.

There is no doubt where the band stands politically but Keenan avoided the expected anti-Trump rants and was more reserved Wednesday, instead talking briefly about accountability and how people need to “put each other’s part to all get along in these fucked up times.” He then introduced the band, which was necessary as the current lineup only has two of the original band members: Billy Howerdel and Keenan. 

Next, the band played “Gravity” from Thirteenth Step and closed the show with new cut “Feathers,” surprisingly, skipping over “Judith,” the song that catapulted the band to fame in 2000.

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