PHOTOS: Alexisonfire reconnects at Los Angeles reunion show

Alexisonfire, Dallas Green, George Pettit, City and Colour

Alexisonfire performs at Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles on June 12 2019. Photos: Joaquin Cabello.

LOS ANGELES — Alexisonfire, one of the most important bands from the 2000s post-hardcore scene, returned to the spotlight with a series of shows in both their homeland, Canada, and in the United States. The band played at the Wiltern on Wednesday night; the first of two West Coast concerts. For a band that’s been on hiatus since 2013, it became clear that the connection between each member remains in tact.

Alexisonfire, Dallas Green, City and Colour

Alexisonfire performs at Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles on June 12 2019.

The vocal exchange between singer George Pettit and guitarists-vocalists Dallas Green and Wade MacNeil blended together harmoniously. This contrast of sounds came in strong on set opener “Accidents,” its sharp and distinct riffing commanding all attention.

Even though Alexisonfire started with an overwhelming intensity, it gradually unfolded its many sonic layers. The heavier sound of “Boiled Frogs” simmered into the calmness of “Side Walk When She Walks“ and “Rough Hands.” Green’s pure vocals and MacNeil’s wrenching delivery added different textures that reflected their individual music projects—City and Colour, and Gallows. The rich contrast complemented the band’s sound, as well as Pettit’s chaotic stage presence, especially during “Crisis“ and “Old Crows.” On top of Alexonfire’s three-part vocals and catchy guitar riffs, the hearty bass lines by Chris Steele were just as transcendental.

Alexisonfire, Gallows, Wade MacNeil

Alexisonfire performs at Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles on June 12 2019.

The set continued with 2019 single “Familiar Drugs,“ which lived up to the rough sounds that would make it recognizably an Alexisonfire song. The band then broke into the harmonizing guitars of “.44 Caliber Love Letter,” which had fans cheering

Following an encore break, Alexisonfire—from Ontario, Canada— returned as the Los Angeles crowd cheered “Let’s go Raptors!” They performed “Little Girls Pointing and Laughing“ and fan favorite “Young Cardinals.”

In unison, fansn echoed the latter cut’s memorable lyric: “Oh, young cardinals/ Nesting in the trees/ Oh, hear our songs/ And reign your innocence on me.”

Alexisonfire finished strong with “Happiness by the Kilowatt,” and Pettit breaking every mic stand on stage.

New York hardcore band Drug Church opened the show with a blend of contrasting sounds. Its music had fans dancing and at times became outright poppy. At other times it was too heavy for the pop crowd. Frontman Patrick Kindlon delivered every lyric in his hyperkinetic style, defying the rules of hardcore punk. On top of that, Drug Church’s use of reverb gave its intense melodies an atmospheric element.

The set included cuts like “Avoidarama,“ “Weed Pin,” “Attending a Cousin’s Birthday Party“ and “But Does it Work?”

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