PHOTOS: Bloc Party sets off ‘Silent Alarm’ in reverse at the Masonic

Bloc Party

Bloc Party performs at The Masonic in San Francisco on Nov. 20, 2019. Alessio Neri/Staff.

SAN FRANCISCO — It’s been a while since Bloc Party has performed in the Bay Area. Wednesday, the British band, one of the last acts from the mid-aughts post-punk revival still active, finally returned, playing it debut album, Silent Alarm, in its entirety.

The album is fans’ most cherished from Bloc Party. That was clear by the loudness of the cheers and he anticipation in the room.

Interesting enough, the band played the album backward, starting with the more melodic “Compliments” and “Plans” and “Luno.” The performance quickly got more and more dynamic as the band played entered the hit-heavy top half of the album (and bottom half of the set) with “This Modern Love,” “She’s Hearing Voices,” “Blue Light” and “Banquet.”

The first three songs of the album were played last, before the band took a short intermission.

Once back on stage, Bloc Party played for another 30 minutes, which was dedicated to hits like “Song for Clay (Disappear Here)” and “Skeleton,” as well as “Tulips” and “Flux,” before the band saluted Bay Area fans with “Ratchet.”

LPX, the project of former MS MR vocalist Lizzy Plapinger, opened the show with a dynamic 45-minute set of songs inspired by breakups. Plapinger even got the crowd to sing along to her closing song, “Might Not Make It Home.”

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