Photos: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Death From Above 1979, Deap Vally shake walls at SF gig

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, BRMC, Robert Levon Been

Photos: Diana Cordero

SAN FRANCISCO — The Bay Area’s Black Rebel Motorcycle Club headlined a strong, gritty show Saturday at The Masonic. In their usual somber style, the band did a rundown of their most influential songs, from their eponymous debut B.R.M.C all the way to Beat the Devil’s Tattoo and 2013’s Specter at the Feast, their latest full-length album. Frontman Robert Levon Been was in the best disposition to interact with the crowd, while striking the rockstar poses that photographers and fans love so much. Peter Hayes played the role of the silent brooder, keeping to himself for most of BRMC’s set. The band was preceded by Canadian noise-punk duo Death From Above 1979, which has equal billing on the current tour and fire up the audience to crowd-surf earlier than usual. Angeleno garage rock duo Deap Vally kicked off the evening with a short set of their own.

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