PHOTOS: Cults make groovy return to The Chapel

Cults, Madeline Follin

Cults perform at the Chapel in San Francisco on Dec. 20, 2018. Photos: Sean Liming.

SAN FRANCISCO — Cults began their 75-minute show at The Chapel Thursday with the lights dimmed. The New York duo opened with 2013 cut “Good Day,” vocalist Madeline Follin’s voice sultry and soft, yet powerful. With guitarist Brian Oblivion, the two erupted into a ’70s groove with feel-good beats.

As Cults broke into “Abducted,” fans began to sing along. Against psychedelic visuals, the pair’s performance inspired a communal mood. The set also included “I Took Your Picture,” “Good Religion” and “Shine A Light,” many singing along with Follin.

Cults threw in two cover songs from The Motels and closed with their breakthrough single, “Go Outside,” ending the show on a happy note.

Cults, Madeline Follin, Brian Oblivion

Cults perform at the Chapel in San Francisco on Dec. 20, 2018.

Quebec’s MUNYA opened her set with “Some More,” “Blue Pine” and “If I’m Gone.” As she filled The Chapel with her beautiful voice, her songs induced hand-holding and swaying.

Although this was Josie Boivin’s first U.S. tour, she seemed to feel at home onstage. MUNYA performed an eight-song set that combined light and bubbly synths with dreamy folk-pop vocals. After singing the heavily celestial “Trop Tard,” she playfully joked that she was scared of aliens. “Benjamin” was dedicated to the singer’s mother.

“This last song is special. It’s not about my mom, but I love my mom. Go moms!” Munya shouted.

Curls, Christopher Owens

Curls perform at The Chapel in San Francisco on Dec. 20, 2018.

Curls kicked off the show with “Beautiful Horses.” The group, led by Christopher Owens of Girls, played an upbeat, summery set with a garage-rock edge.

The group had a real chemistry and each member brought a unique flavor to the table. Its six-song set including “Heaven,” “I Know” and “No Good.” “My Guitar” started a hearty and intimate jam session. Before closing with “Gentle and Kind,” Owens gave the crowd some love and said, “Tonight is a great night for music.”

— Kelly Fischer

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