Photos, video: Flint Eastwood brings sermon of resiliency to Popscene

Flint Eastwood, Jax Anderson

Photos: Ian Young

SAN FRANCISCO — Imagine Detroit singer-songwriter Jax Anderson inside a phone booth filled with water. In this scenario, she would touch all of the H2O molecules in that phone booth every few minutes. Anderson, who records and performs as Flint Eastwood, constantly stayed in motion at her Popscene show Friday night. Even when her feet were firmly planted in place, she twitched her legs, twisted her torso, shook her arms and spun her head, her two long braids following along.

She performed songs off her latest record, Broke Royalty, as well as 2015 album Small Victories. Anderson alternated between singing and screaming, somehow never losing her voice or missing a key. In between songs, she played the part of preacher, delivering sermons like, “Life is made up of small things. … You’re only gonna have one or two big things. … So make the small ones count!” She delivered these talks without the use of her microphone, often shouting to make her point, and like a preacher, making sure she had the attention of everyone in the room. By the end of the hourlong set, she had a roomful of converts.

— Roman Gokhman

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