PHOTOS: K.Flay seeing Grammy gold at Fillmore homecoming

K.Flay, K. Flay

Photos: Gary Chancer

SAN FRANCISCO — Stanford graduate and one-time Bay Area resident K.Flay returned to San Francisco Wednesday for the first time since she was nominated for two Grammy Awards, performing two a packed Fillmore.

Kristine Flaherty used to perform much smaller venues throughout the Bay Area, at first backed by a sampler and drum machine, and then with a drummer and multi instrumentalist. But at Wednesday’s homecoming show, she had a full backing band and a lighting rig worthy of the large room.

“This is for the Bay Area, who supported me since day one,” she said early in the set, which relied heavily on tracks from her break-out album, 2017’s Every Where is Some Where, including “High Enough,” “Black Wave” and “Blood in the Cut.” The latter is nominated for the Grammy Award for “Best Rock Song,” a bit ironic since K.Flay’s early music leaned on hip-hop and her later material on electronica. Fans of her earlier material didn’t leave empty-handed as she covered a handful of tracks from 2013 EP West Ghost and 2014 independent release Life as a Dog.

Los Angeles pop and rock band Sir Sly opened the show with a nine-song set consisting of songs off their two albums 2014’s chart-placing Haunt, and 2017’s Don’t You Worry, Honey. The set peaked toward the end with the one-two punch of Haunt’s radio hit “Gold” and new single “High.”

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