Photos: Lucius revives art-pop ’80s at the Fillmore

Lucius, Jess Wolfe, Holly Laessig

Photos: Diana Cordero

SAN FRANCISCO — Jess Wolfe and Holly Lessig of Lucius sound a lot like their influences. Their sonics are rich, textured and glossy, and they echo that time in the ’80s when musicians like the Eurythmics, Lisa Stansfield, Shakespeare Sister and Paula Abdul transformed what could have become a gimmick into art.

Lucius, The Cactus Blossoms
9 p.m., Friday
The Fillmore
Tickets: $25.

It’s often difficult to get past the fashion, pop culture and sonic personality of that era, but if you look closely the ’80s was full of experimentation, artists embracing and redefining pop music. Musicians adorned pop songs with unique sounds, from rock riffs, electronic beats, to sophisticated string sections.

At the Thursday first of two Fillmore concerts, Lucius successfully recreated that aesthetic, including its theatricality. Wolfe and Lessig, looking the part of Tilda Swinton twins, projected a mythos of oneness. There are two band leaders, but they acted as one entity. Their set was evenly split between 2013’s Wildewoman and this year’s follow-up, Good Grief.

Their best repertoire has the duo’s vocals exploding and loudly resurrecting into pure sing along. Songs such as “Almost Makes Me Wish for Rain,” “Something About You” and Wildewoman‘s “Turn It Around,” an anthemic hit, broke the crowd out of reverie.

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