PHOTOS: Murs, The Grouch and friends still Living Legends at Cornerstone

Murs, Eligh, Living Legends, The Grouch, DJ Fresh, Cornerstone Berkeley

Murs performs with The Grouch, Eligh and DJ Fresh at the Cornerstone in Berkeley on July 8, 2021. Karen Goldman/STAFF.

BERKELEY — West Coast underground hip-hop legends Murs, The Grouch and Eligh played to a packed house at The Cornerstone on Thursday, with a crowd eager to welcome their return. While not a Living Legends concert in name, the performance would suggest otherwise, as the trio performed a mix of songs from both their solo careers as well as their collaborative numbers.

Murs came out swinging with a bold and energetic performance, bouncing to each song. Fans matched his enthusiasm. While Murs performed “L.A.,” his hit homage track to his hometown, he skipped what’s easily his biggest hit, “Okey Dog.” The Grouch delivered lyrical haymakers that fans have come to expect. His collaboration with Murs on 2019’s Thees Handz marks the rappers’ first time working with each other since 1999’s Good Music—outside of the Living Legends albums.

The Grouch

The Grouch performs with Murs, Eligh and DJ Fresh at the Cornerstone in Berkeley on July 8, 2021.

Joining the trio was the Bay Area’s DJ Fresh, who collaborated with Murs on his 2020 outing, Love & Rockets Vol. 2: The Declaration.

Carrying his iconic boombox-style controller, Eligh delivered a breakneck speed verse as DJ Fresh took the front of the stage. He and Murs performed a tongue-in-cheek jab at Bay Area hipsters with “Imma Vegan,” all in good fun.

Eligh, DJ Fresh

Eligh and DJ Fresh perform at the Cornerstone in Berkeley on July 8, 2021.

A little over halfway through the show, the trio took a respite from original songs to pay tribute to several hip-hop artists who had passed away over the last few months including MF DOOM and DMX. Murs dedicated a heartfelt original song to his friend since high school, People Under the Stairs member Double K, who passed away earlier this year. It took a few moments for him to gather his composure to perform, as he confided that he had not been able to properly grieve the loss. With thunderous cheers and applause, Murs was able to carry on.

Also of note were excellent performances from the opening acts, beginning with Chonnie Gold, Mitchell James and Anville, followed by Dub Esquire, who brought their A-game.

— Tim Hoffman

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