Photos & videos: Noise Pop – Cathedrals, Silver Swans & Waterstrider at the Independent, 2/28/2015


Photos: Roman Gokhman

This was my fifth time seeing duo Cathedrals perform (I was at their first show, when they were first on a Noise Pop bill about four years ago), and each time they have impressed me more than the last. That’s a big accomplishment considering how big of a buzz they have around them now. Cathedrals are also a four-piece live band now, which adds to the dynamic even more. Silver Swans and Waterstrider also impressed. The latter performed a set filled not just with Afropop influences, but songs that could be the product of a Caribbean artist. As a writer who has covered the “world” genre for several years, I could tell the difference.

Check out my interviews with Cathedrals here. Catch a video from a previous show on YouTube.

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