PHOTOS: Patrick Sweany tells stories at Bottom of the Hill

Patrick Sweany

Photos: Karen Goldman

SAN FRANCISCO —Blues guitarist Patrick Sweany showed off his chops and raspy voice at Bottom of the Hill Wednesday night in a performance that stretched for two hours late into the early morning hours.

Accompanied by his band (bassist Todd Bolden, drummer Sam Wiseman and guitarist Joey Fletcher), Sweany kicked off his performance with “Every Night Every Day” and “Nothing Happened at All” before segueing into the debut of new track “Get Along.” He prefaced “Old Time Ways” by saying it was a direct result of the great wisdom of the old musical masters from whom he learned, who told him that their songs were old stories and that he needed to tell his own stories.

Sweany and Fletcher had great interplay through the show, one jamming and the other playing slide on songs like “Long Way Down,” “It’s Spiritual” and “Every Gun.” There was another new track, “Outcast Blues,” loosely inspired by Patrick’s brother. By the time the set neared the end with “Hotel Women,” a person in the crowd yelled, “Don’t you leave, don’t you ever leave.”

Folky guitarist Scott Mickelson and groovy rock band Natural Pear opened the show.

— Angelique Valencia

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