Photos: Peter Bjorn and John make triumphant return, with Jay Som and Bayonne

Peter Bjorn & John

Photos: Brandon Jernigan

Some wondered how an act so previously successful as Peter Bjorn & John could get bumped from a venue the size of the Fillmore to a much smaller one like Slim’s. Perhaps the Swedish indie rock band had simply taken too long of a break between albums, but would their fans forget about them altogether? Judging by how packed Slim’s was right as doors opened—there was little room to move around from 8:30 p.m.-on—the answer was a resounding “no.”

The trio performed many of their older cuts, including “Young Folks,” of course, but the two songs that got the crowd moving the most were “It Don’t’ Move Me,” off 2009’s Living Thing, during which Peter Morén jumped into the packed fans. Several songs later, during “Eyes,” off 2011’s Gimme Some, people were dancing from the front all the way back to the bar.

Bayonne could best be described as a one-man-band or a mad scientist. The Austin, Texas native simultaneously played an electric control board and drums while looping in vocals and dancing. The crowd cheered during the longer instrumentals.

Bay Area local Jay Som (Melina Duterte) opened the show to a packed house that stood mesmerized by her songs. Either that, or they wanted to learn all the lyrics. Duterte, like Bayonne after her, talked about the musicians’ difficult day, during which they all drove south from Seattle to make the San Francisco show. Her set consisted of several songs off her 2016 debut, Turn Into, which has been earning critical praise nationally.

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