NOISE POP PHOTOS: The Marías soften and tenderize The Chapel

The Marías, María

The Marías perform at The Chapel in San Francisco on March 3, 2019. Photos: Joaquin Cabello.

SAN FRANCISCO — The Marías brought soft psychedelic soul to The Chapel at a sold-out concert that concluded the Noise Pop Music Festival.

The Marías, María

The Marías perform at The Chapel in San Francisco on March 3, 2019.

The Los Angeles band performed a soft blend of jazzy percussion, hypnotic guitars, funky bass lines and the particularly dreamy voice of their frontwoman, María. The singer’s distinct timbre took certain prominence, whisking concertgoers at The Chapel away on trip of calm and tranquility. This journey was supported by Josh Conway’s beats, which bypassed hard-hitting rhythm to create a peaceful, psychedelic mood.

The Marías opened their set with their love declaration, “Cariño.” A cut from their 2018 record,  Superclean, Vol. II, this track was followed by songs from both of their EPs, like “Only in My Dreams” and “I Don’t Know You.” The set proved career-spanning, with the inclusion of “Clueless” and “Déjate Llevar,” from 2017’s Superclean, Vol. I.

The Marías, María

The Marías perform at Noise Pop at The Chapel in San Francisco on Mar. 3, 2019.

María’s tenderness was evident in the way she delicately moved around the stage—a perfect fit for her brand of melodic, elaborated dreamy bedroom pop.

Everything about The Marías’ sound was incredibly organic, flowing intimately and interweaving immersive soundscapes throughout the rhythmic structure of each song. Even as María sang in Spanish and English, she and her band maintained artistic and emotional cohesion. It was hard not to get immersed in the band’s serene mood.

Angeleno singer-songwriter Katzù Oso, indie pop artist Ginger Root and Burbank’s Derek Ted opened the concert.

Derek Ted performed a blend of soft bedroom pop and folk. He said he was performing with a full band for the first time, but the band appeared to have a string cohesion. His set included 2018 single “Lu,” and his first live performance of “Love is a Wild Thing.”

Katzù Oso

Katzù Oso performs at Noise Pop at The Chapel in San Francisco on March 3, 2019.

Ginger Root‘s songs were poppier, with undercurrents of groovy funk that got concertgoers moving around on songs like “Having Fun.” Other tunes had more ambient elements  on “Call It Home.” Most of the songs, off 2018 album Mahjong Room, offered impressive bass lines, heavy drum solos and the dreamy-to-screaming range of vocalist Cameron Lew.

Katzù Oso, led by Paul Hernández, played a set of songs that sonically felt right at home with the other acts, but lyrically were sometimes sillier. Hernández sang in both Spanish and English on songs like “Coqueta,” “Honeydew” and “Crazy4luvinU,” all cuts from the band’s 2018 album, Pastel, as well as new single”Kiss U Better.”

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