PHOTOS: Tove Lo, Broods and Alma bring their dark pop show to the Masonic

Tove Lo

Tove Lo performs at The Masonic in San Francisco on Feb. 28, 2020. Adam Pardee/STAFF.

SAN FRANCISCO — Even with a tour injury, Tove Lo could not keep from dancing during the entirety of show set at the Masonic on Thursday.

The Swedish dark-pop sensation straight out of the gate with her huge hit “Glad He’s Gone,” off 2019’s Sunshine Kitty. During Tove Lo’s first chat with the crowd, she introduced her walking boot as a special guest that she is wearing after spraining her ankle during a tour stop in Brooklyn.

Tove Lo

Tove Lo performs at The Masonic in San Francisco on Feb. 28, 2020.

Opening act Alma made a surprise appearance during the second song, “Bad for the Boys.” Instantly showing off her sining talent, Tovo Lo magically split from her vocal lines to sing a high harmony that many fans might have thought was a backing track because it was perfectly on key.

Between songs like “Influence” and “Are U Gonna Tell Her,” Lo added two to three minutes of an interlude dance section that felt like a party until the first downbeat of the next song hit.

A revival of an old classic from Queen of the Clouds, “Not On Drugs” was introduced in a dance remix that had fans grooving and singing at the top of their lungs.

Lo played “Moments,” another deep cut from the same album, alone on piano. This made her vocals stand out even more.

“I’m not a good piano player, but I’m a good songwriter and that works,” she said to huge applause.

Without a single light from the stage, the Masonic was entirely lit by a sea of cellphones.


Broods perform at The Masonic in San Francisco on Feb. 28, 2020.

The latter have of the set included older hits and fan favorites hits like “Talking Body,” True Disaster,” “Come Undone” and her 2014 sleeper hit “Habits (Stay High).” The highlight of the evening was having openers Alma and openers Broods come out for a crowd-pleasing rendition of “Bitches.”

New Zealand’s Broods belted their way through a solid set of new tunes and old favorites. One dreamy pop song in particular was played live for the very first time that included a heavy bass chorus that had the Masonic rumbling and fans dancing.


Alma performs at The Masonic in San Francisco on Feb. 28, 2020.

“We try to be so controlling of the things around us,” singer Georgia Nott said, “and this song was created out of being imperfect and honest.”

Finnish singer Alma opened the show, sining multiple songs off her forthcoming album. Along the way, she gave backstories to some of the songs. “Loser,” for example, was created after one music critic said she was a “terrible pop star.”

“It clearly didn’t hurt me at all,” Alma joked afterward.

It became clear very quickly how dedicated Alma’s fans were when you could hear the first few rows of people singing her songs word for word.


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