PHOTOS: Washed Out chills out the Fox

Ernest Greene, Washed Out

Photos: Jay Demetillo


OAKLAND — Backed with dream-like visuals and synth-heavy beats, Washed Out enamored the Fox Theater crowd one song after another on Wednesday night. Playing most of his songs off his new album, Mister Mellow, Ernest Greene has come a long way as a musician.

From creating beats in his bedroom to playing live music with a full band, the evolution of Washed Out has been amazing to watch. A pioneer of the chillwave movement as well as a self-taught musician, Greene has progressed musically throughout each album as well as his live performances. Wednesday’s crowd appreciated his unique skillset as he played songs like “Hard to Say Goodbye,” “Get Lost,” “Zonked” and “Floating By” along with older material like “Feel it All Around” and “Eyes Be Closed.”

DEGA, the duo of Aslyn and Karen Nash, seemed to steal the show with its own ‘80s-esque electro-pop. Entrenched in flashing lights and lasers, the crowd warmed up to the duo as they played their single “Don’t Call It.”

Scratch DJ Peanut Butter Wolf opened the show with hip-hop layered atop smooth melodies and simplistic beats.

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