Rock’N Vino: Lights talks live-action ‘Skin & Earth,’ upcoming projects

Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter Lights isn’t one to stay still for too long.

The Juno Award-winning musician released her fourth album, Skin & Earth, last fall and hasn’t looked back. Skin & Earth is part concept album, and the music was written as a companion to a comic book series of the same name, which she also wrote. Lights infused the characters’ stories into her music videos, an interactive Instagram world and the visuals for her recent tours.

The Skin & Earth world has only expanded following the album’s release. At San Diego Comic-Con, Lights Poxleitner-Bokan announced that the comic series would be brought to life in a live-action TV adaptation with Andrew Lazar (American Sniper) producing. Lights said she’s looking forward to developing her characters on-screen and in future issues of the comic book series.

“We have a producer [and] we have director … in mind, but it’s one of those things where there’s so many things that still have to fall into place,” she said.

Along with the comic book series, Lights has also had her hand in a number of other projects. She recently released an unannounced album covering Drake’s Scorpion Side B in its entirety. Lights arranged, performed, produced and engineered it in just five days at her home studio.

“I just love the way he sings out of the pocket, and the melody choices, and his lyrics,” Poxleitner-Bokan said of her Canadian counterpart. The release hit a snag when the hip-hop star’s Canadian label forced her to remove the album from streaming services. Undeterred, Lights left it in a place fans can still find the album.

In the new episode of Rock’N Vino, Lights also talks about upcoming projects, including a collaboration with a Canadian electronic artist, and looks back on her most recent shows in the Bay Area; in the North Bay just following October’s firestorm.

Additionally, the new episode of Rock’N Vino includes Carina “Coco” Sterzenbach and Mike DeWald looking back on last month’s Leeds Festival.

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