Rock’N Vino: Sheldon Wines owners defy improbable odds to pursue their dreams

Rock'N Vino, Sheldon Wines

Dylan (left) and Tobe Sheldon. Courtesy: Sheldon Wines.

On this episode of Rock’N Vino, Coco Sterzenbach and Mike DeWald welcome Dylan Sheldon, winemaker at Sheldon Wines. Sheldon runs the micro-winery with his wife, Tobe. He shares the improbable and humble beginnings of the winery that found the two following their passions across the world to New Zealand and then returning home practically penniless.

Sheldon Wines

Courtesy: Sheldon Wines

The winemaker, who’s also a musician, discusses the symbiotic relationship he sees within the two. As a longtime professional musician, both on the road and in the studio, Sheldon identifies the parallels of the worlds of music and winemaking, saying the mindset of the creative process has more similarities than one might expect.

Sheldon, a resident of West Sonoma County, also recounts his experience with the historic Northern California flooding earlier in February and how the dramatic experience brought together a community hammered by natural disaster.

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