Does Chvrches’ Iain Cook want to remake the soundtrack to “Star Wars?”

Glasgow trio Chvrches are big fans of Prince, so Iain Cook was over the wall, recently, to have sold out Minneapolis’ First Avenue for the second consecutive night, and for the third time in five months. “It’s the venue in which “Purple Rain” was filmed in … you know,” he said. I wrote a story previewing the band’s performance at Outside Lands, and we spoke for a good half-hour about horror films, partying with Haim (another band I interviewed for the festival), and of course, their music. Read the full story. Until then, here’s some fun outtakes.

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Since this all started for you with so much uncertainty, did you make emergency plans to fall back on if something unforeseen happens? You strike me as the very prepared types.
That’s a good question. I guess we’ve all had other careers before this band that we could conceivably pick up if things didn’t work. I’ve done a lot of stuff for film and TV, and I feel that if the band thing didn’t work out, I would probably still be writing songs because I feel that that’s what I’m good at, and I’d like to get back into film again as well and do more music for film in the future. I don’t know about Martin, but I know that Lauren could easily go back into writing. She was doing journalism for a bunch of publications in Scotland and online stuff. I think we’d all be all right. I think we’d all fall back into what we were doing before this. I don’t think that there’s really, at this stage, any need for a safety net. We’re looking forward rather than looking down at the moment.

For good and for bad (Mayberry’s openness online has opened her up to some sexist come-ons), you guys are very active on social media. Why’d you have that philosophy?
It’s something that’s always been really important to us, to seem like we have a connection with the fans. It means a lot to people to see that we actually read what they write to us on Twitter, and as much as we can, respond to that. I wouldn’t follow the Twitter of a band that just posted things from the HQ all the time about single releases. Part of what makes our band what it is is the fact that we have the personality, and it’s real. We don’t try to put across this image of ourselves as untouchable artists. But of course you’re right, it does have a negative side that’s obviously unavoidable, really.

Was there a musician you really loved and respected more after meeting him or her, or having other contact?
That’s a good question. I can’t say that I can think of anyone offhand, to be honest. I think all of us, in the past, were a little bit too shy to approach artists who we were into. Personally speaking, I tend to admire someone’s work from a distance and not tend to get too involved. It’s a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason, that you should never meet your idols because they can absolutely dispel any kind of myth that you had about their greatness or their god status.

You’ve written music for TV and film projects. What existing movie would you have liked to write the soundtrack to?
That’s good, that’s good. I’d love to have written the music for “Star Wars.” (But) If I had written the music for “Star Wars,” it wouldn’t be nearly as good as it currently is. If I could pick something with a terrible soundtrack or something that didn’t quite work, and then I could maybe make it better, but then I don’t want to insult anyone.

Anything about Outside Lands you’re looking forward to?
Music-wise, yeah. I’ve haven’t seen The Flaming Lips for a good few years now, and those guys, they change their stage show so much that I think they’re absolutely going to blow people away. Just thinking about the day that we’re on, because we probably won’t see anything on the Friday or Saturday. I would be interested to see Courtney Barnett. I’ve been enjoying her EPs, and I’d be interested to see how she comes across live; probably pretty raw and rockin.’ There’s so much good stuff over the weekend, though. I’m kind of gutted that we’re not going to be there for more time. I really want to see Kanye and Tegan and Sara as well, but we’re going to miss a lot. There’s some good stuff on Saturday, too. … Warpaint, as well; we toured with them. I think we’ve seen them six or seven times this year, and I just love that new album. It never gets old.

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