Erasure’s Andy Bell on getting his mojo back

A few weeks ago I spoke with Andy Bell, one-half of Erasure. Bell was still in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he was playing a role in a one-man play semi-based on his life’s experiences. I wrote a story about Erasure’s return to the U.S. for Paste Magazine, and one thing Bell and I spoke about are the different roles he plays with Erasure and in the play, “Torsten the Bareback Saint.” The Bay Area show is Nov. 1 at the Fox in Oakland. I’ve been told the story is running next week.

Here’s a few parts of the interview that didn’t make it in to the story.


You’ve said that “Snow Globe” (2013’s holiday album) was a test to see if you and Vince could still write together. What constituted success?

We did some of our really best writing that we’ve done for a while, which gave us the impetus for “The Violet Flame” record. It gave us a bit of an inspiration, I suppose, or a bit of oomph for us to get going. We haven’t done anything since 2010, so it’s been a while. So it encouraged us.

Are the lyrics on “The Violet Flame” (mostly describing the joys Bell was feeling about life with his new partner) mostly representing your feelings, or are Vince’s also in them?

I don’t think it’s really so much to do with Vince. I try and kind of (make them made-up). They’re not based on reality. I just try to imagine myself in situations and things.

Is there anybody that you and Vince would like to work with together?

I’m not really sure. You’d have to ask Vince.

How about you personally, then?

I would love to do a song with Annie Lennox.

What kind of song do you imagine yourselves making?

It would have to be a really peaceful ballad.

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