The Family Crest on commercials and perks of the label life

The Family CrestThe Family Crest is one of the uniquely Bay Area artists, and they have a lot of local support. But that support is reaching outside of San Francisco now. The band is signed to Portland’s Tender Loving Empire, they’ve been mentioned by national press and are a regular on NPR airplay rotations. I’ve had the pleasure to speak to them a few times over the years, and have a new story here, to preview the band’s show at Brick & Mortar Friday. Until then, here are a couple of bits and pieces from my talk with singer-guitarist Liam McCormick and Laura Bergmann that didn’t make the cut.

A couple of your songs were used for ads. One (“Make Me a Boat”) for a GoPro camera commercial and the other (“The World”) for Carnival cruises. How does that make you feel?
McCormick: The big, epic music really does go well with GoPro. It’s funny. A lot of people have asked about our listener base and assume we have only classical listeners. We do have people who listen to classical music and like our stuff, but our music has this big, epic sound, and a lot of sportspeople, X-Games-y types, like us, too.

On the perks of having label support:
McCormick: For the longest time, we were trying hard to get reviews on our records. It’s really hard for unsigned bands to get reviews. I opened up Spin and noticed that every band had a label behind them. Having somebody vouch for you from the start gives you a little bit of clout.

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