Julien Baker taught by her dad to make lemonade

Julien Baker

Julien Baker, courtesy.

Julien Baker is one of our favorite new artists, and RIFF had a brief chance to catch up with her by telephone. Baker will be making her San Francisco performance debut at Noise Pop, Feb. 25 at Bottom of the Hill.

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What do your parents do?

My father makes prosthetic legs and limbs for amputees, and braces. He lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and decided to pursue the field of prosthetics. He has an incredible story of the worst trauma putting him in a position to help others. My mom (her parents are no longer together) is a physical therapist. They met in a hospital because they worked in the same circles.

Did you learn much opening for El Vy and Wye Oak last month?

I’ve loved Wye Oak for a really long time and I love Matt Berninger’s projects, and El Vy is no exception. Just to be on the same stage as those guys was overwhelming.

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