Kopecky Family Band will drink to your start-up

Kopecky Family Band, the Nashville indie pop sextet with no family members actually related by blood, put on one of the best early sets at Outside Lands a couple of years ago (check out the video, below). Now they’ll return to the Bay Area for a headlining gig at the Independent on Tuesday, Sept. 23. Soon after, they should be completing a follow-up album to 2012’s “Kids Raising Kids.” I interviewed vocalist Kelsey Kopecky and you can now read the story. Here are a few more things you may not know about them.

Kopecky Family Band

You guys first bonded in 2007 over a board game, so the story goes. Which one?

It was “Catch Phrase.” At the time, I kept it with me or had it at my house. It’s always a good icebreaker. We even used it in our last band photo shoot. None of us really love the camera, but we were enjoying just playing the game and eating Doritos.

You’ve been through the Bay Area a few times. Do you have any favorite memories?

We had the best time a few years ago. We rented a house on airbnb. It had a hot tub. It was really awesome. It was actually our drummer, David’s, birthday. … There are obviously a ton of start-up companies, and all our friends that we went to college with that live there are part of the different start-ups. So we started a drinking game where any time someone said ‘start-up,’ you had to take a shot. I don’t think we actually (had to) play very long.

You’ve guest written to a blog about faith, as well as health and mental wellness. How important are those things to you?

I grew up in a Christian environment, so faith was always something that was a ritual in my life that, through prayer and through a code of ethics, became a structure that I think was ingrained in me. I’m so thankful for that foundation. Now as I grow up …,  because I’m so connected to God, I can’t help but want to explore and to learn more about this bigger connection. Even to study other religions and understand this beautiful practice through ritual of different types of physical prayer and different types of devotion.

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