Bay Area’s The Lovemakers working on a new song

I’ve spoken to Lisa Light a couple of times. The first time was after she and guitarist Scott Blonde had broken up as a couple but remained friends and partners as popular East Bay band The Lovemakers. The second time, a few weeks ago, came after the two had reconciled. They’d had a big break-up as bandmates, and went a long time without speaking. Read my story about the reunion in the SF Examiner. Until then, here are three more topics that didn’t fit into the story. Check out the reunion show Feb. 14 — St. Valentine’s Day — at Popscene.

The Lovemakers

On the reunion:
When we started practicing again, it was just the same. We didn’t change. We reformed right where we were, like an archaeological thing. If we wanted to that, in a way it would be really easy because it’s not like we’re trying to innovate at the moment.

On the duo’s new song (which is still in development):
(Recording studio neighbor) Jeff Saltzman and Chris Stein, who’s the keyboard player in Blondie, … worked together. I worked with him, too. They had a song, and they were like, “Do you want to take it and use it for Lovemakers? – like a base.” This was Jeff’s idea. It wasn’t our idea, at all, to write new material.

On her role with The Lovemakers compared to her work with El Elle.
We have an (El Elle) album almost done. It’s kind of Beach House-y, mellow, Fleetwood Mac-y. I can’t stay in a genre, so my job in The Lovemakers is very specific, and I know how to do it, and I like the constraint. But left to my own, I’ll just Pisces out. 

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