How MS MR’s Lizzy Plapinger signed SF’s Cathedrals to her label

I keep telling anyone who’ll listen that I was at Cathedrals‘ first show. They were the first on a bill at Brick & Mortar for Noise Pop in 2012. I bring that up because they’re well on their way now. For my story, which you can now read, I actually interviewed them in July. It was after their gig opening for Waters at The Chapel, and guitarist-producer Johnny Hwin put on a party at his creative art space, the Sub, afterward. There were plenty of fans there, but we did the interview in a closed-off “room” with a mattress, some seats, and a strict no-shoes rule (just to help you get into Johnny’s head-space). Stay tuned for the story. Until then, here’s this bonus Q&A with Hwin and singer Brodie Jenkins.


Brodie, do you feel like you balance Johnny’s frenetic energy?

Jenkins: We bring out different sides of each other, and push each other, and challenge each other. Making music can be really taxing and difficult and frustrating at times, and one of the things that I have been continuously mindblown by Johnny is his endless fountain of energy. I’ll be feeling drained or downhearted about something… and he’s got this spark. And he’s also is kind of brutal. He’ll kick me into the next gear and force me to work through the bullshit.

Tell me how you came to be signed to Neon Gold Records. Label owner Lizzy Plapinger, of MS MR, is also a musician and business owner. Is she somewhat of a role model for you?

Jenkins: Absolutely.

Hwin: Role model, home girl, muse.

Jenkins: She’s our boo. We love Lizzy. One of the reasons we were stoked to work with Neon Gold is because we super-resonated with Lizzy and (label co-founder) Derek (Davies).

How did they sign you?

Jenkins: We put out “Unbound,” and it was almost a shot in the dark. We had no idea what people were going to think. We reached out to a few blogs … and I remember seeing Neon Gold’s blog post the same day or maybe the day after, and we were (excited) Neon Gold wrote about it. And then they reached out to us after that. And then MS MR was playing at the Independent. When she was on a break, we frolicked in Dolores Park.”


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