The Princess Bride’s Cary Elwes on his favorite roles and staying in touch with castmates

It’s amazing how many of your favorite movies (or TV shows) Cary Elwes has appeared in. The reason it’s so difficult to comprehend is because one role has defined his identity since 1987: “The Princess Bride.”

I spoke to Elwes last week to preview the sold-out SF Sketchfest screening and “quote-along” of the film. Read the full story at my blog. Here are a few bits that didn’t make it into the story.

Cary Elwes in The Princess Bride

Besides “The Princess Bride,” what are your other favorite comedic roles throughout your career?

Well, I was very fond of “Robin Hood(: Men in Tights),” obviously. I’m a big Mel Brooks fan. I haven’t done many comedies, really. Oh, “The Cradle Will Rock.” I enjoyed doing that with Tim Robbins. (In 1999, Elwes portrayed famed theatre and film producer John Houseman in film based on Orson Welles’s musical).

Do you have a favorite TV role?

(Playing Pierre) Despereaux (in “Psych”) was great fun, obviously. That was great comedy, too. And (“The) X-Files,” working with the brilliant Chris Carter. Because Chris Carter has a wonderful mind. (Elwes had a reoccurring role in the series’ final season as FBI Assistant Director Brad Follmer).

Does the cast of “The Princess Bride” still meet up from time to time? Are you close friends?

It’s not like we do Thanksgiving or anything, but we stay fairly well in touch with emails and calls and so on. Getting them all in the same room at the same time only really happens on birthdays and things like that.

What is your favorite Westley/The Man in Black/Dread Pirate Roberts line from the film?

(To Buttercup): Life is pain. Anyone who tells you different is selling something.

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